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Branch 13 Is Holding A Boot Camp For New Hams

These boot camps are a highly successful way to fast track getting your General Amateurs Operator Certificate in New Zealand.

Branch 13 is Hastings holding another one soon - details below.

Below is the fee schedule for the upcoming Br 13 AOC "Boot Camp" weekend on 16/17 Sept 2017, at Hastings.

DStar QSO Party

The 2017 D-Star QSO Party starts on September 22nd 00:00 UTC and there is a an Icom 4100 mobile radio up for grabs.

Check out for more details. Are you entering? Comment below and let us know.

Yaesu FT-70D on 626 YSF Reflector

Demo video from Daniel ZL4DE on his new Yaesu FT-70D connected to our YSF reflector!

Notifications On Forum Posts

Email notifications are now enabled on forum posts. Makes it a lot easier to keep a conversation going in the forums!

Dont forget we have buy and sell forums, as well as chat on any topic you like.

626 Website & Reflector Admin


The silver fern is back by popular request on the dashboard. Theres no mistaking which dashboard you're looking at now. You might need a refresh, or clear your cache to see the new imagery!

Mobile Friendly Dashboard(s)

Thanks for the great suggestions about mobile friendly dashboards.

Mobile friendliness was broken with the method I am using to display the YSF and DStar dashs on the same page.

I have created a link to a standard version of the DStar dash on its own, that behaves much nicer.

I have also created a mini-Dashboard with minimal information and a very fast refresh time of 5 seconds. This will eventually get timestamp info too.

Standard dashboard mobile friendly.

Mini dashboard mobile friendly.

626 Fiber Upgrade

Our fiber connection arrives this week - Wednesday to be exact!

At some point on Wednesday we will switch over to the new connection. Our provider has promised us it will be pretty seamless, and we are expecting a tiny amount of downtime, that will hopefully go unnoticed.

Then sometime in the next week, we plan to ditch our Horrible Old Router, and our Horrible New Router, and deploy our Wonderful New Router.

73 - Tony ZL2EZ

D-Star Newsletter

John ZL2TWS's wonderful D-Star Newsletter is now featured on ZLX. Check it out here.

At present, it is an i-frame presentation of the zl2vh website. We may change to full hosting of the newsletter files as some point, as i-framing other peoples sites isn't always the best way to go! But this gets it up and running nice and quickly on here for now.

73 - Tony ZL2EZ

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