626.nz - New Zealands Digital Radio Reflector

   XLX626 The Kiwi Reflector is operated by Phil Garside ZL2RO & Tony Hughes ZL2EZ

Stuff & Things


Phil Garside ZL2RO
"Let's put a NZ based reflector up that's not in the cloud." - XLX626 started out in May 2017, thanks to Phil driving it. Phil doesn't remember how anything works. He probably frustrats Tony a bit. Phil is our "Marketing Guy".

Tony Hughes ZL2EZ
Tony makes & breaks everything. He probably frustrates Phil a bit. All good though. Net result is usually some sort of forward momentum. Tony is our "Resident Technical Guru".

John Wysocki ZL2TWS
John poured a lot of time, energy, effort, and wisdom into getting 626 supported - with D-Star technical knowledge for newbie Tony, and also getting a bunch of repeaters/hotspots connected to 626 by encouraging hotspot owners and helping configure peoples gear to connect to us. Thanks John.

Adrian Fewster VK4TUX
Thanks to Adrian for software support and software transcoding services in our earlier days.

Everyone Who Connects To XLX626
Whether you put a repeater up connected to 626 semi-permanently, or a high powered hotspot, or
connect with a low power board or dongle, we really appreciate your patronage of 626. It's all
for you guys, and we are glad to see it being utilised.


Tony ZL2EZ donated:

  • Transcoding hardware - 4 channel AMBE board
  • Domain name
  • Fiber Optic WAN connection
  • Gigabit network switch
  • XLX hardware server - Intel Core i5 8GB 240GB SSD server
  • Quadnet Smart Group Server VPS
  • 4x experimental XLX & XRF VPS servers for testing & backup
  • Phil ZL2RO donated:

  • Mikrotik Gigabit Router
  • Ivan ZL1OTF donated:

  • Eaton 1100VA UPS
  • ealhughes@gmail.com