Have a go with the instructions below - it covers 4 different methods to connect via D-Star, 2 different methods for DMR, and connecting via YSF.

If you are still stuck, email or text 0274617155 and I'll usually answer pretty quickly.

73 de ZL2EZ (Tony)


Use any D-Star repeater, hotspot, dongle, or similar device, and connect to any of the following:

Reflector XRF626A (URCALL command is XRF626AL)
Reflector DCS626A (URCALL command is DCS626AL)
Reflector REF626A (URCALL command is REF626AL)
Smartgroup DSTARNZ (URCALL command is DSTARNZ)

IFROAR members use XRF626E, DCS626E, REF626E, or Smartgroup "IFROAR".

Brandmeister DMR

Use any Brandmeister connected system to connect to:

Brandmeister TG53020 (Module A)
Brandmeister TG530999 (Module B)

Pi-Star DMR XLX Master

Use Pi-Stars DMR XLX Master section, and connect to:

XLX Master XLX626

Once you have connected, you will need to make a Private Call to "4001" (IFROAR make a private call to "4005")
and then key up, this will connect you to Module A (currently Pi-Star will connect you to Module D / TG4004 by default.

Once you have joined your desired Module, you can transmit on 626 by using TG6 (group call) to transmit.

YSF Yaesu System Fusion

Connect any YSF Reflector capable system to:

YSF Reflector 62381 (NZ XLX626)